Making a character that matters (and isn’t a jerk)

Perhaps the biggest issue I’ve ever encountered in any roleplay is when someone has an issue with their character. The number of times I have seen an entire campaign be derailed because “I just couldn’t get into my character”, “I feel like my character was just… there, and didn’t matter, you know?”, or “It’s what […]

National Dice Day

December 4th is National Dice Day. I will admit, it’s slightly unfair that sports fans get the Super Bowl, the World Cup, and all their other days, and we nerds get one obscure, barely known day at the end of the year. But rather than focus on the negative, it would be far better to […]

Screaming into the void

I don’t know what I’m doing. By now, this is probably obvious. Because of the specialized nature of this blog, I’ve been having issues lately figuring out what exactly I should be writing about. So as a result I’m going to be expanding this blog’s scope. Granted, I know that it’s a bit early and […]

Standing in the hall of fame

Dungeons and Dragons has been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, a collection of the most influential toys and games that have inspired children to creativity based on the collected knowledge of historians, educators, and similar people respected for their contributions to children’s development. This is a pretty tremendous event, and I hope […]

Why authors should play D&D

Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D for short, has acquired a rather bad name. Growing up, I heard that it was synonymous with devil worship, and I often found television shows and movies depicting its players as cult-like. It definitely came as a surprise to me when an author friend suggested I play it in order […]