National Dice Day

December 4th is National Dice Day. I will admit, it’s slightly unfair that sports fans get the Super Bowl, the World Cup, and all their other days, and we nerds get one obscure, barely known day at the end of the year. But rather than focus on the negative, it would be far better to focus on the positives. Let’s take a look at the games someone could play to celebrate National Dice Day.

Monopoly stands out as an easy one. Nearly everyone knows the rules, but that doesn’t matter because everyone makes up their own anyway. But the gist remains that players will roll two dice in order to travel around the board and attempt to purchase as many properties as possible so that they have the most money by the end of the game. On the other hand, just using two regular d6s is a pretty lame way to celebrate National Dice Day, so let’s kick it up a notch.

Risk is probably the next step. Players take control of armies and attempt to conquer the world, one territory at a time. Whenever a player attacks a neighboring territory with their army, they will roll up to three dice, while the defending player will roll up to two, making this game a nice step up from monopoly with over double the dice. But still, five regular d6? We can do better.

Table top rpgs such as D&D are where dice start to shine. With D&D, nearly every die shape known to man will be utilized in order to perform any action a player might want their character to perform, though with an obvious bias toward the D20. Putting seven dice of different kinds all to front, D&D seems like it could be the king of National Dice Day. But there is still another step up, and it’s a huge one.

Warhammer 40k, the table top miniature war game set in the 41st millennium, is perhaps the greatest way to celebration National Dice Day. Have you ever wanted to pick up 90 dice, say to your opponent, “All right, first round of 90, seven more to follow,” and then feel sad that you’re only rolling 630 dice, because you knew you could have rolled more? With the sheer amount of rolling that some games of Warhammer 40k require, National Dice Day couldn’t be celebrated better with any other game. Though the cost of getting into the game is certainly a deterrent to most prospective fans.

So there you have it, National Dice Day, a day solely to celebrate the greatest way of randomly generating numbers. That statement is obviously completely unbiased. This December 4th, I’d encourage you to pick up some dice, your favorite game that needs them, and celebrate with some friends. They’re probably what the day is really all about, anyway.


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